Kaweria Rhodézsky ridgeback

Rhodesian Ridgeback Kaweria


Next litter is planned in 2019, dam will be our C.I.B. Ch. JCh. Basmah Safiya Kaweria "Safi".

My requirements for Kaweria puppy owners:
• Puppy will only go to the owners, that will take good care of him, sufficient movement, socialization and last but not least lot of love
• Puppy will only go to the owners, that will keep him living inside their house or flat as a family member
• I would like to be in touch with owners of my puppies, that means I would like to know everything important from puppies life – good news and successes, but also problems
• I require personal contact and personal purchase of puppy and I would appreciate at least 2 personal visits at our kennel before taking puppy home

What you will get from us with your new puppy:
• Take-over protocol of the puppy and proper purchase-sales contract
• Pedigree or Export pedigree of the puppy
• International pet-passport
• Puppy will be microchiped, vaccinated and dewormed
• Puppy day schedule ( information about upcoming vaccinations and deworming, feeding or training of the puppy)
• Basic equipment for the puppy
• Breeding and veterinary care for whole life of you puppy

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