Kaweria Rhodézsky ridgeback

Rhodesian Ridgeback Kaweria


Rhodesian Ridgeback kennel Kaweria was founded in 2013. Our first brood bitch is our C.I.B. Multich. Tusani Jolly Joelin. Who is by very well known australian import Macumazahn Tusani Pearl. We do not have litter each year as we want each little with a reason. We choose stud males for our girls very carefully - according to their health tests, exterior and also character. Our breeding have many titles not only from Slovakia but abroad as well. Many thanks to fabulous owners of our puppies for their care and presentation of our breedings at shows.

Rhodesian Ridgeback (RR) is a breed originaly from Africa, where he was used as hunting and guarding dog. In wide open african savannah rhodesian ridgebacks, in whose blood is also mix of sighthounds, were hunting and accompanying human. But today they also enjoy lying in the sun indoor and outdoor as well.
Rhodesian Ridgeback is devoted to its family. He is a perfect guard and due to its calm temper is also reliable companion for children. It is outstandingly intelligent breed with great sence for assessing situation on its own.

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